The teaching of Midrash has had a special place in the curriculum of Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion for over a century. The faculty whose primary teaching and research focus is Midrashic literature as part of the larger field of Rabbinics combined bibliographic materials which are permanently available and expandable. Please click here:

A Definition of Midrash

Midrash is both a classical Jewish form of interpretive literature, and a creative process for drawing out meaning from a central text or experience using different modes of expression (art, dance, poetry, music, etc.).

We have found that midrashic processes provide a supportive framework in which to reflect upon the issues of Jewish Healing. At the conference, we will study Rabbinic midrash with scholars, rabbis, artists, musicians, therapists, and other professionals in a wide variety of Jewish disciplines as well as venture to create our own midrash based on our learning together.

To read an introduction to midrash from Rabbi Norman Cohen's book, "Self, Struggle and Change," click here.