Life, Faith and Cancer
Douglas Kohn

This book addresses the question of how to go forward after surviving a cancer diagnosis, struggling to maintain a connection to Judaism and God. This moving volume of essays written by rabbis, cantors, and other Jewish professionals who have all experienced cancer deal with these questions and many more. Their personal stories are interwoven with Jewish texts and teachings.
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God, Faith and Health
Dr. Jeff Levin

Dr Jeff Levine explores the latest compelling evidence of the connection between health and an array of spiritual beliefs and practices, including prayer, attending religious services, meditation, and faith in God.
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The Mitzvah of Healing
Hara E. Person

In The Mitzvah of Healing, readers are able to explore every facet of Jewish healing, from historical perspectives to personal stories, traditional texts to modern meditations and rituals. In this valuable collection, which originated with the women's affiliate of the Reform Movement, numerous difficult questions are addressed concerning the healing of body, mind and soul. The thoughts, prayers and experiences of Debbie Friedman, Rabbi Nancy Flum, Rabbi Simkha Weintraub, Debbie Perlman and more contribute to this important collection of essays.
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Jewish Paths Toward Healing and Wellness:
A Personal Guide to Dealing with Suffering

by Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky

"Spiritual suffering must be differentiated from physical pain, although the two are intertwined in such a way that it is nearly impossible to distinguish one from the other. We suffer spiritually when we do not grow from our illness, when we do not learn from the experience of physical and emotional pain." —from the Introduction
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Jewish Pastoral Care
Rabbi Dayle Friedman

Jewish Pastoral care is the essential reference for rabbis, cantors and laypeople who are called to spiritually accompany those encountering joy, sorrow, and change. This groundbreaking volume draws upon both Jewish tradition and the classical foundation of pastoral care to provide invaluable guidance.
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Jewish Spiritual Direction
Howard Avruhm Addison and Barbara Breitman

Addison and Breitman offer an anthology of essays for rabbis, spiritual directors and other religious leaders who want to teach people to discern God's voice through the evolving practice of Jewish spiritual direction.
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The National Center for Jewish Healing

The National Center for Jewish Healing (NCJH) helps communities better meet the spiritual needs of Jews living with illness, loss and other significant life challenges.

Working closely with a network of Jewish healing centers and programs throughout North America the NCJH offers consultation, training and referrals to community resources. Jewish spiritual resource and programmatic materials, publications, bibliographies, website links and a directory of Jewish healing centers are available on this website.

Click here for a document created by NCJH on the field's Best Practices

Bay Area Jewish Healing Center

Providing Jewish spiritual care for people coping with illness, loss and death.

Ritual Well

Ritual Well is the source for innovative, contemporary Jewish ritual, with resources that address each aspect of the process of navigating death and mourning; from the moment of death, to the burial of the body, the tearing of clothes, the weeklong practice of shiva, and the recitation of kaddish.

Resource Sheet on Suicide, Bullying, and LGBT Specific Resources
With Sweetness from the Rock: A Jewish Spiritual Companion for Caregivers
Rabbi Stephanie Dickstein, LMSW
When an individual becomes ill or frail, family members and friends enter the world of caregiving. Anyone who has taken on this responsibility encounters a range of intense emotions and a variety of challenging demands. This resource is designed to be a companion for caregivers, offering spiritual support drawn from Jewish tradition, ancient and modern texts, and the experience of fellow travelers. With Sweetness from The Rock is organized around seven Jewish themes which reflect the different experiences of caregivers as they go on this journey.
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A Burning World, An Absent God: Midrash, Hermeneutics, and Relational Psychoanalysis
Philip Cushman, Ph.D.
To be published in Contemporary Psychoanalysis in vol. 43, 2007

Psychological splitting, authoritarianism, literalism, and an emphasis on the direct experience of supernatural presence and mission characteristics of fundamentalism are on the rise. By studying and interpreting midrash, Jewish biblical commentary originating in late antiquity, the author explores the question of What practices and traditions can be utilized to oppose them?
Bioethics Resources
NAJC Bioethics Report
June 2003
This report was compiled by members of each denominations bioethics committees. The report includes a survey, resources, including a bibliography and syllabi for Bioethics issues in Judaism.
The Jewish Way of Healing
Nancy Flam
This article explores ways that Judaism offers strength to heal the body and spirit in times of illness.
Jewish Thinking About End Of Life Issues
William Cutter
A presentation delivered at Loma Linda University describing the ways in which the Jewish tradition can be utilized in the complex "end of live" environment.
Healing the Spirit: A Jewish Approach
Nancy Flam
Nancy Flam addresses the upsurge of interest in “Jewish Healing” and discusses textual resources and tools that traditional Judaism offers to deepen that spiritual experience in Jewish life.
Seeking the Tzelem: Making Sense of Dementia
By Rabbi Dayle Friedman
Rabbi Friedman has been confronting the world of Dementia for more than 25 years in her work with elders. This article is an exploration of the meaning of Dementia and an effort to put it in a theological context.
Jewish healing services have opened up liturgical prayer in a way that has been able to provide both comfort and hope to those in need of healing. Under the notion that prayer is an essential tool for healing, and the integration with meditation, song, and other healing practices, Jewish healing services have been created. The Kalsman Institute has become a repository for Jewish healing resources. Over the past several years we have collected a variety of healing services, from congregations, healing centers, and individuals that we want to make easily accessible here on our website. Unfortunately, we do not know who to attribute all of these materials to, so if you identify one of these resources as your own, please let us know.
Second Annual Yom Kippur Healing Service
Adat Shalom Synagogue, Farmington Hills, MI
A Service of Jewish Healing
The Renewal of Spirit: A Service of Jewish Healing
Songs for Healing Services
Collected and Edited by Cantor Jeffrey Klepper
Tefillat Refuat Ha-nefesh: A Havdalah Service for the Healing of the Soul
The Spiritual Challenge of Cancer
Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Los Angeles, CA
Azkarah: A Service of Healing and Memory
The Bay Area Jewish Healing Center, San Francisco, CA
Give Me Your Hand: A Service of Healing for Help, Hope and Healing: Mental Illness and the Jewish Community
The Bay Area Jewish Healing Center, San Francisco, CA
Healing Circle: Prayers and Blessings
The Bay Area Jewish Healing Center, San Francisco, CA
A Service of Healing
The Jewish Healing Center, San Francisco, CA
Service for the Healing of the Soul, Erev Shabbat
Temple Beth El, South Bend, IN
A Service of Healing for the High Holidays
Temple Israel, Minnesota, MN
R'fa'einu: Heal Us: Seeking Healing and Wholeness
Congregation Shaare Emeth, St. Louis, MO
A Healing Service
Central Synagogue, New York, NY
A Service of Healing
The National Center for Jewish Healing, New York, NY
A Service for Healing
Congregation Shir Hadash, Milwaukee, WI