Symposium: Biomedical Ethics: Traditional Jewish Values across the Continuum of Life
January 8, 2012
Previous Initiatives & Events
Pre-Marital Counseling Workshop
November 18, 2011
PREPARE AND ENRICH Premarital Counseling workshop on Friday, Nov. 18, 2011, at HUC, from 8:30am to 3:00pm.

The program is a helpful tool to help clergy help couples with their relationships. The program is built on a strong research foundation and provides you with relationship assessment skills to help you make a positive impact in the life a premarital couple.
Regional Yom Iyun
November 8, 2011
The Kalsman Institute, the NAJC, the Board of Rabbis of Southern California, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles invite you to a Regional Yom Iyun. Presenters, with noted teacher, Rabbi Zahara Davidowitz-Farkas, will speak on the critical topic "Understanding the Nature of Disaster and How to Help Your Community Heal." We will learn with Zahara and other outstanding colleagues with special expertise and experience in the field, including Rabbis Jason Weiner, Sara Berman and Morley Feinstein. Following lunch, participants will select one of two breakout sessions focusing on either the Congregational/Jewish context of healing or the Communal/Interfaith response to crises and disasters.
Pre-Marital Counseling Workshop
February 16, 2009

This student training session on how to conduct Pre-Marital Counseling featured Harriet Rosen, who helped to edit the URJ's "Aleph Bet of Marriage" curriculum and created its accompanying Facilitator's Guide, as well as Michele Prince, LCSW, and Rabbi Julie Pelc from the Kalsman Institute on Judaism and Health.
In the Spirit of Hope: An Inter-seminary Oncology Institute
2003, 2004

Six Southern California seminaries, including HUC-JIR, participate in this summer training program to provide seminary students and community clergy with professional insights into spiritual care within a healthcare setting.
Death, Dying and End of Life Issues
November 6, 13, 20, 2003

An on-line interactive scholarly discourse on end-of-life issues, co-presented with the Joint Commission on Sustaining Rabbinic Education of the CCAR and HUC-JIR.

Hiddur Pnai Zaken: Transforming Aging in Our Congregations & Communities into a Season of Splendor

Kalsman Partner Rabbi Dayle Friedman, founder and director of Hiddur, The Center for Aging and Judaism, discusses how to view aging congregations as opportunities for growth and renewal in the Jewish community. Her work is influenced through multiple perspectives of training as a rabbi, social worker, Jewish communal service worker and chaplain.
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An Introduction to Jewish Bioethics

Rabbi Elliot Dorff gives an introduction to medical bioethics to rabbinical students at an HUC-JIR, Los Angeles "Lunch and Learn" session. He describes bioethics from a Jewish perspective as an area of study and consideration alongside a larger ethics arena.
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Prayers for Healing from the Jewish Mystical Tradition

As part of HUC-JIR's "Lunch and Learn" series, Dr. Eitan Fishbane delivered a lecture entitled, "Prayers for Healing from the Jewish Mystical Tradition" at HUC-Los Angeles in November 2003. In this talk, Dr. Fishbane addressed the ability of the mind to bring about balance within the physical body, using text from Degel Mahaneh Efrayim, by R. Moshe Hayyim Efrayim of Sudilkov. To view an introduction to Dr. Fishbane's lecture, view the entire presentation, and see the Hasidic text he taught, please click below.
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Bill Cutter on the Kalsman Institute's Origins

Rabbi William Cutter, PhD, the Director of the Kalsman Institute, Professor of Education and Modern Hebrew Literature, Steinberg Professor of Human Relations and Lecturer in Chaplaincy, discusses the Institute's origins.
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