Comments on a breakout session about the "Evolution of the Jewish Healing Movement" at the Partner Gathering
Michele Prince presented on the history of the Jewish healing movement and reflected on the movement's accomplishments. Prince facilitated discussion on an evolution towards wellness - highlighting the shifts in practice and the integration of a focus on spirituality and wellness into the healing movements. She raised questions about the movement's future, how to use the movement to build relationships globally between American Jews and those in Israel, Latin America and Europe, and how outreach is performed to both affiliated and non-affiliated Jews about what Judaism offers in the time of crisis. She asked how to ensure that the movement not abandon the care of those experiencing illness and loss while we continue to expand the wellness models. Dialogue points included the need for intellectual resources to document and substantiate the methodology of clinical practice and to consider the geographic opportunities for expansion beyond the forty healing centers in North America. The roundtable discussion included the commitment to foster this exploration and to illustrate how the work of these practitioners can become sustainable - intellectually, clinically and financially.