Blessings for the Journey: A Jewish Healing Guide for Women With Cancer

In November 2004, a group of thirteen women gathered at Mayyim Hayyim; some were cancer survivors, others were caregivers and health care professionals. They had each wished for a specifically Jewish, spiritual guide to the difficult journey through treatment and its aftermath, and decided to join together and create one. For three years, they met to talk about their experiences, share information, and assemble resources. Blessings for the Journey is the result of their hard work and commitment.
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Illness and Health in the Jewish Tradition
Edited by David Freeman MD and Rabbi Judith Z. Abrams PhD, The Jewish Publication Society, 2008

An anthology of traditional and modern Jewish writings--poems, stories, essays, prayers, and inspirational passages--on illness and healing from the biblical times to the present. Contributors include scholars, rabbis, poets and fiction writers, caregivers and medical professionals, storytellers, liturgists, and survivors of illness.
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Jewish Visions for Aging: A Professional Guide for Fostering Wholeness
by Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman, MSW, MAJCS, BCC

With timely–and timeless–wisdom, this rich resource probes Jewish texts, spirituality and observance, uncovering a deep, never-before-realized approach to responding to the challenges of aging with a refreshing and inspiring vitality. The insights–spanning textual analysis and spiritual and pastoral perspectives–provide practical guidance in spiritual care and communal programming to dynamically engage and serve elders and their families. Accessible and honest, Jewish and non-Jewish clergy, chaplains, elder - and healthcare professionals, volunteers and family members will find this guide an invaluable asset as they explore how to empower elders and their families through daily spiritual and communal life.
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Mindful Jewish Living: Compassionate Practice
Jonathan Slater

Rabbi Jonathan P. Slater examines Jewish sources and applies their teachings to the practices of mindfulness and meditation. Drawing from Hasidic texts, as well as liturgical, talmudic, and midrashic sources, the author demonstrates how Jewish teachings can make us aware of the spiritual essence of our lives.
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Be Still and Get Going: A Jewish Meditation Practice for Real Life
Alan Lew

Be Still and Get Going presents texts in hopes of illuminating an indispensable resource both for Jews seeking to embrace their tradition in a deeper and more authentic way, and for anyone on the spiritual path seeking ancient wisdom for support.
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A Time To Prepare
Edited by Rabbi Richard F. Address, DMin, URJ Press, 1994

A Practical Guide for Individuals and Families in Determining One's Wishes for Extraordinary Medical Treatment and Financial Arrangements.
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Caring for the Soul: R'fuat HaNefesh
Edited by Rabbi Richard F. Address, DMin, URJ Press, 2003

Caring for the Soul: R'fuat HaNefesh A Mental Health Resource and Study Guide, created as a response to the need to raise awareness of and reduce the stigma within congregations regarding individuals and families who are dealing with mental health issues.
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Seekers of Meaning: Baby Boomers, Judaism, and the Pursuit of Health Aging

By Rabbi Richard F. Address, DMin, URJ Press, 2011

Rabbi Richard Address has devoted his career to helping transform synagogues into caring communities. Now, in his most personal work to date, he explores how the notion of a caring community can be transformative for individuals, particularly baby boomers struggling with issues of aging and mortality.
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To Honor and Respect: A Program and Resource Guide for Congregations on Sacred Aging
Rabbi Richard F. Address, DMin with Andrew Rosenkranz

To Honor and Respect is designed to help congregations respond to the longevity revolution by helping older Jewish adults see their synagogues not just as places for life cycle events, but as sacred communities of meaning
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Aleph-Bet of Marriage: Journeying Toward Commitment (Participant's Guide)
Lynn Levy

This book helps couples explore their differing perspectives, families of origin, and expectations for marriage, while heightening skills in communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution. Each session begins with text-based study linking past with present to help couples create safe and loving Jewish homes that reflect their joint spiritual aims.
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Tears of Sorrow, Seeds of Hope: A Jewish Spiritual Companion for Infertility and Pregnancy Loss
by Nina Beth Cardin

A sprititual companion for those grieving infertility, pregnancy loss, or stillbirth, bringing solace from Jewish tradition. Enables those who seek to be parents to mourn the loss of a pregnancy or inferitlitry through the prayers, rituals, and meditations of the Jweish tradition.
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Mourning & Mitzvah: A Guided Journal for Walking the Mourner's Path Through Grief to Healing
by Anne Brener

For those who mourn a death, for those who would help them and for those who face a loss of any kind, Mourning & Mitzvah teaches you the power and strength available to you in the fully experienced mourning process. In this new and expanded edition of a modern classic, Anne Brener brings us an innovative integration of Jewish tradition and modern professional resources. It gives spiritual insight and healing wisdom to those in our own time who mourn a death, to those who would help them and to those who face a loss of any kind.
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Divorce is a Mitzvah: A Practical Guide to Finding Wholeness and Holiness When Your Marriage Dies
by Perry Netter

In this practical guide from a Jewish perspective, rabbi, father, divorcé, and pastoral counselor Perry Netter provides information, inspiration, wisdom, and strength for those experiencing—either directly or indirectly—this challenging life transition.
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So That Your Values Live On: Ethical Wills and How to Prepare Them
Jack Riemer, and Nathaniel Stampfer

A cherished Jewish tradition, ethical wills—parents writing to children or grandparents to grandchildren—sum up what people have learned and express what they want most for, and from, their loved ones.
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Twelve Jewish Steps to Recovery: A Personal Guide to Turning from Alcoholism & Other Addictions—Drugs, Food, Gambling, Sex...
by Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky & Stuart A. Copans, MD Preface by Abraham J. Twerski, MD

In a spiritually supportive way, Rabbi Olitzky and Dr. Copans present a Jewish perspective on the Twelve Steps and offer consolation, inspiration, and motivation for recovery through drawing on traditional Jewish sources and quoting from what recovering Jewish people say about their experiences.
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When Bad things Happen to Good People
Harold Kushner

Kushner shares his wisdom as a rabbi, a parent, a reader, and a human being. Often imitated but never superseded, When Bad Things Happen to Good People is a classic that offers clear thinking and consolation in times of sorrow.

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Ritualwell is the source for innovative contemporary Jewish ritual. On Ritualwell you can browse through thousands of rituals, listen to music, download a ritual, or cut and paste your own.

The National Center for Jewish Healing (NCJH)

The National Center for Jewish Healing (NCJH) helps communities better meet the spiritual needs of Jews living with illness, loss and other significant life challenges. Working closely with a network of Jewish healing centers and programs throughout North America we offer consultation, resource material, publications, training and referrals to community resources.

The Department of Jewish Family Concerns

The Department of Jewish Family Concerns works to help congregations transition into caring communities in the truest sense. The Department also helps congregations to create their own Caring Community/Family Concerns committees and programs.


Hiddur seeks to empower the growing number of Jews entering later life—helping them to connect to lifelong learning and spiritual and religious engagement, and to contribute their wisdom and talent. Hiddur's work includes training rabbis and creating spiritual resources for Jewish elders and their caregivers.

The Institute for Judaism and Sexual Orientation

The Institute for Judaism and Sexual Orientation is driven by Jewish religious values and the spiritual quest for holiness. With this foundation, and the knowledge that we are b'tzelem elohim, created in the image of God, we believe that these values call us to achieve complete inclusion, integration and equal standing of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in our congregations and communities.

Gift of Life

Gift of Life facilitates bone marrow, blood stem cell and cord blood transplants for children and adults suffering from life-threatening illnesses. Since tissue type is inherited, a patient’s best chance of finding a genetic match lies with donors of similar ethnicity. Gift of Life strives to increase the representation of Jewish donors in the registry in order to overcome the devastating effects of the Holocaust, which severed bloodlines.


Sharsheret is a national organization of cancer survivors dedicated to addressing the unique concerns of young Jewish women facing breast cancer.

Chai Lifeline

Chai Lifeline is an international organization that provides free support services to catastrophically ill Jewish children and their families. Bereavement services include support and counseling via telephone conferences with other bereaved parents and a trained social worker or psychologist, weekend retreats of support and therapy, books and visual materials

The Jewish Bereavement Project

The Jewish Bereavement Project has been designed to provide information to help you, or someone you care for, find a way through the journey of mourning.

Los Angeles Jewish AIDS Services/Project Chicken Soup

Los Angeles Jewish AIDS Services/Project Chicken Soup is a non-profit organization which provides nutritious, kosher meals to people living with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles County, in observance of the Jewish commandment of tikkun olam, healing the world through service to humankind. Project Chicken Soup provides nechama - comfort - to those in need, regardless of race, religion or creed, and provides a connection to the Jewish community.

The Chicago Center for Jewish Genetic Disorders

The Chicago Center for Jewish Genetic Disorders is a collaborative effort of the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago and Children's Memorial Hospital and is concerned about the genetic health.

Disability Bibliography
Compiled by Amanda Greene, 2011
Disability Resource Guide
Compiled for: A Special Needs Day of Learning, an HUC-LA Rhea Hirsch School of Education event
Next Steps to Inclusion
Programs and resources for Jews with developmental and physical disabilities and special needs. Compiled by The Board of Rabbis of Southern California and The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, 2011.
Parashat Vayechi
Senior Sermon by Jennifer Gubitz
Reform Movement Advance Directive Form
Union for Reform Judaism
Copy of medical directive from A Time to Prepare, edited by Rabbi Richard F. Address, DMin.
Infertility Resources from the Kalsman Institute
Michele Prince, LCSW, MAJCS
This resource sheet includes helpful books, website, organizations, and sources to help guide those individuals and couples experiencing the spectrum of infertility.
Rethinking... When Misheberach Isn't Enough
Rabbi Julie Pelc
Kalsman Institute Assistant Director, Rabbi Julie Pelc, writes about the need for a prayer acknowledging the unique realities and challenges of chronic illness.
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A Jewish Voice on Mourning after September 11th
This resource is a compilation of excerpts from “Mourning and Mitzvah: Walking the Mourners Path” by Anne Brenner and from “Prayer and Presence” from “Jewish Pastoral Care” by Dayle A. Friedman providing rituals to observe for mourning after 9/11.
Birth and Death: Through a Child’s Eyes
Elizabeth Feldman, MD
This article portrays a personal experience of the birth of a younger sister and the death of her grandfather.
The Mitzvah of Bikur Cholim: A Model for Building Community In Contemporary Synagogues
Rabbi Janet Offel
Summary: The mitzvah of bikkur cholim, visiting the sick, is considered one of the most important obligations in Jewish life. Based on practical experience with a variety of bikkur cholim groups and as an outcome of an eight - week training program for volunteers, strategies and components of a needs-based model are proposed. The authors encourage synagogues to step back and re-envision a model of bikkur cholim that enables all members of the synagogue to be involved, each in his or her own capacity.
Seeking the Tzelem: Making Sense of Dementia
By Rabbi Dayle Friedman
Summary: Rabbi Friedman has been confronting the world of Dementia for more than 25 years in her work with elders. This article is an exploration of the meaning of Dementia and an effort to put it in a theological context.
Report Of The Livingston Committee For Healthy Community Culture
By Dan Levin
Summary: In response to a teen suicide at the local high school a diverse group of community leaders wanted to understand and address the forces within their community that would lead teens to suicide and/or attempted suicide. The study resulted in an evaluation of the town’s strengths and challenges to the health of the community and a list of proposed goals that would achieve better cultural health.
Lasting Wishes
Marshall S. Zola
Summary: There is no simple solution to the complex problem of determining future medical decisions. Zola discusses the California Health Care Decisions Law passed in July 2000 and the challenge that it requires to balance the interests of many different parties.
Forgiveness and the Jewish High Holy Days
by Marcia Cohn Spiegel, M.A.
Summary: Marcia Cohn Spiegel addresses the issues of victims of early childhood sexual abuse, and others who have survived psychological or physical abuse at the hands of those whom they loved and trusted while Jews approach the Days of Awe.

The Humanity of Anatomy
Thomas Cole
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