Kavannot, or intentions, offer spiritual support and direction to healthcare providers and other caregivers when preparing for their healing work. Three Kalsman Partners share samples of the language and thoughts they reflect on before they set out to do that work.

Kedusha and Rituals for Healthcare Professionals and Clergy
Elizabeth Feldman

Source of Life, thank you for the blessing of life and breath and the opportunity in this moment to find Your presence as I meet _______ who is in need. May I be of service and experience the wonder of Your creation.

Click here for a summary of mindfulness rituals and kavannot generated during Liz's workshop, "Kedusha and Rituals for Healthcare Professionals and Clergy" at the 2005 Kalsman Partner Gathering (PDF format)

Dr. Liz Feldman is the Pediatric/Adolescent Coordinator at the UIC/Illinois Masonic Family Practice Residency

Protect Me from Insensitivity
Donald Schon

Rebonno Shel Olam: Protect me from insensitivity. In my daily life I see much suffering, pain, hopelessness and depression. I know I get saturated and depleted. However, protect me from becoming a stone. Do not let me forget that each patient's suffering is all he or she knows. Help me to learn that my value judgments are not relevant. Help me to relate, to stay connected, to stay sincere so that I may practice compassion to the maximum potential you have given me. Through this, may I realize the joy and fullness I need to do your work for as long as I am capable.

Dr. Donald Schon is a Nephrologist.

Before Teaching Physicians-in-Training
Howard Silverman

Rebonno Shel Olam, I am about to assume my duties as teacher and preceptor of physicians-in-training. May I be always able to remember how I felt during my training so that I may be gentle, understanding and kind. Please help me to hear the questions they ask as well as the questions they don't ask. Grant me the wisdom and vision to minister to the person inside the student while serving and protecting the best interests of our patients. May I always know that I am but your agent in the sacred work of healing and teaching.

Dr. Howard Silverman is a Family Physician and Director of Clinical Innovation with Banner Health System in Scottsdale, Arizona.